Nihongo 1.23.x Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix app getting stuck on "Changing language" screen when changing languages.
  • Fix crash when completing Nihongo Pro purchase from a word triage screen, after viewing multiple previous word triage screens.
  • Fix issue where pushing deeper into the navigation hierarchy on compact iPad multitasking, and then transitioning back to regular, would break things.
  • Fix issue when multitasking on iPad where switching to a regular app size from compact would leave the flashcard off center in the resulting screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the layout for the Safari extension prompt was broken when viewed from an iPad in compact multitasking mode.
  • Avoid a crash in rare circumstances where the main app window has not finished initialiizing when we try to handle opening a link.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nihongo first launch tutorial's layout would be messed up if Nihongo was launched in compact mode on first launch on iPad.
  • Fixed an incorrectly formatted tutorial message in Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed non-standard translation for "Done" in French.
  • Fixed an issue where after deleting a flashcard deck you could see an "Error saving database" message.
  • Fix issue when iPad multitasking where transitioning from regular to compact view on a deck triage screen would cause all cards to show up in a single column.
  • Fix issue where navigating to a word entry from a clipping would reset the scroll position to the top.