Nihongo 1.26.1 Release Notes


  • The kanji drawing area's erase button will now move up when the tab bar is visible, so you can press it immediately after opening the app.
  • Updated in-app screenshots to reflect latest UI changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where "Done" text would not appear when flashcard session was complete on iPad.
  • Fix an issue where part of speech markings would not be applied properly on non-English flashcards with non-machine-translated meanings, where the English word had sense-specific parts of speech.
  • Fix an issue where clippings that had been deleted could show up in the word entry screen as a "contained in clippings".
  • Fix issue where example sentence colors are messed up when a popover is being displayed on iPad.
  • Fix issue where version history and release notes text is sometimes cutoff.
  • Fix an issue where changing the word frequency filter for a clipping would not immediately update the word count in the flashcard menu.
  • Show a different word should be grayed out when you only have one word available for a kanji.
  • Fix issue where contents of flashcard navigation bar could get squished when transitioning to compact mode.
  • Fix an issue where flashcard progress could sometimes be reset unintentionally.