iCloud Sync and Notes come to Nihongo Lessons in Version 1.1

iCloud Sync and Notes come to Nihongo Lessons in Version 1.1

I just published the first major update to Nihongo Lessons, with two of my most requested features - cloud syncing between devices, and the ability to add your own notes to flashcards. Download here.

Major Features

  • Cloud Syncing - Your progress, notes, and preferences will now be synced automatically to all your devices via iCloud.
  • Notes - You can now add notes to the back of any flashcard. If you previously imported data from Jalup, any notes you had should appear automatically.

Other Improvements

  • You can now view all words when you tap on them as word links, even if you haven't purchased the deck that they are contained in.
  • Added an option to have 5 flashcards per day instead of 10.
  • 済 stamp now appears on entire courses once you've finished all 1000 cards.
  • Added an option in Settings to reset entire flashcard progress.
  • Added options for when audio should be played automatically.
  • Added links to Settings to places to follow Nihongo Lessons on social media.
  • Updated しようがない to しょうがない throughout the contents of the app, since it is the more common way to write the word.

Bug Fixes

  • Text will now shrink on the back of flashcards if the full contents does not fit at full size.
  • Fix an issue where the status bar would stay visible during flashcard study when running on iPhones with a home button.
  • "Initializing App Data" will no longer briefly appear after the opening tutorial on first launch of the app.
  • Fixed an issue where furigana would appear twice on top of words where only part of the word was bolded (11 cards).
  • Fix four cards with incorrect highlighting or furigana in beginner deck.