Nihongo 1.16.x Release Notes

I've put out a few patch releases to Nihongo 1.16 in the last few weeks to address some bugs that came to light after the release. Here are the details:


  • Fix an issue where some users were having difficulty downloading/updating non-English language data.
  • Fix a crash when expanding from compact to regular size flashcard view on iPad.


  • Don't hide the search bar when scrolling on the search screen.
  • Fix for issue where certain parts of the app became unusable when using larger font sizes via dynamic type.
  • Fix a rare crash when using the radical keyboard.
  • Fix a rare crash when switching between compact and regular app size while using Flashcards on iPad.


  • Fix an issue where under certain circumstances backup files would be ignored when trying to import them into Nihongo.
  • Fix an issue where the interface for adding words to a deck was broken when device was using a large font size.
  • Fix an issue where the font size on the word list on kanji entries would shrink when the device was set to use a large font.

Hopefully that's it until 1.17. If you encounter any more issues, don't hesitate to reach out to me at!