Nihongo 1.18 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Conjugation Tables - Entries for verbs and adjectives now contain a list of common conjugations.
  • Russian Language Support - Russian definitions can now be downloaded from the Settings tab, and if your device language is set to Russian, the app will now appear in Russian.
  • N1 Kanji Decks - New flaschard decks have been added covering the first 600 kanji in the JLPT N1 level.

Other Improvements

  • The way that parts of speech are displayed on word entries has been redesigned. All possible parts of speech for a word are now listed directly under the title of the word entry. When one part of the meaning of a word only applies to a particular sense, it will be listed with a note "Only as {Part of Speech}"
  • Added more Nihongo Pro features to the susbcription purchase screen.
  • Updated with the latest data from JMDict and Tatoeba, including 1500 new word entries and 4000 new example sentences.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various places where the text spacing was slightly off in iOS 13.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon indicating that a definition has been machine translated was cutoff on the radical entry screen on iOS 13.
  • Fixed an issue where on iOS 13 putting the app in the background and then reopening it would cause a blank space to appear at the end of all dictionary search cells.
  • Fixed an issue where the labels in the kun-yomi readings cell for a kanji entry would overlap each other on a 12.9-inch iPad.
  • Fixed an issue where any audio playing in the background would cut out briefly whenever text is spoken.
  • Fixed an issue where audio quality (including background audio) would be degraded while text is being spoken and using bluetooth headphones.
  • Fixed an issue where spoken text audio (such as an audiobook) would not be paused when text is spoken.
  • Fixed an issue where words that have native translations in a non-English language, where the English-language version has multiple meanings with different parts of speech, would be listed as only having the parts of speech of the final English meaning, instead of all of them.
  • Fixed an issue where words that have native translations in a non-English language, when appearing as a kun-yomi on a kanji entry, would not have their part of speech displayed.
  • If you have a flashcard with both a meaning and a note on the back, and then that meaning changes in an app update, previously the card would be left with just the note on the back. Now the default meaning for the word will also be included.
  • Fixed an issue where swiping back on a clipping would not return you to the clippings menu when the bottom and top bars have been dismissed and you are running iOS 13.4.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Alternatives" cell on word entries would not resize properly when they did not all fit on a single line.
  • Fixed an issue where the word 助動詞 was being pronounced incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where invisible characters in a piece of text copied into the search field could cause the search to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where after restoring data from a backup, the number of cards for review would still list the number from before the restore.
  • Fixed an issue where お祭り was displayed with incorrect furigana in example sentences.
  • Fixed an issue where checkmarks would sometimes not appear on certain cards after tapping the Edit button on the screen before entering a flashcard learning session.
  • Fixed an issue where text input using autocomplete on the Thai keyboard would not be saved to notes on word entries.
  • Fixed multiple issues that could lead to certain kanji readings being listed without any words.
  • Fixed parsing of conjugated forms of words that include the 〆 character.
  • Fixed parsing of conjugated forms of 有る. Clippings should now correctly handle cases like 事が有って.
  • Fixed parsing of conjugated forms of irregular う verbs like 問う and 請うwhose te-form ending is うて instead of って.
  • Fixed parsing of conjugated forms of the verb くれる.
  • Fix an issue where switching quickly between voices on the voice select screen, after tapping the "Speak Test Sentence" button, could end up causing strange audio behavior.


iOS 12 is no longer supported as of this release.