Nihongo 1.20 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Pitch Accents - Standard Japanese pitch accent pronunciation guides can now be displayed on over 40,000 word entries. Data is provided by the CJK Dictionary Institute, and requires a separate one-time purchase.
  • Photo Lookup (OCR) in China - Users in China, where Google is blocked, can now select an alternative OCR service to use with the Photo Lookup feature.
  • Settings Redesign - The settings tab has been redesigned, making it much easier to find all the options available in Nihongo.

Other Improvements

  • Update visual style of some elements to the modern (iOS 14) look.
  • Update instructions for importing shared decks from other apps to reflect the new UI in iOS 14.
  • Support for Dynamic Type throughout the settings tab (support in more of the app is coming!)
  • Add the current UI language to the language screen, and add a quick way to jump to the settings app to change the UI language of the app.
  • Once flashcards reach level 3, randomize their due dates a bit so they get shuffled.
  • Order the "Contained in Clippings" section chronologically by when the clipping was created.
  • The "frequency filter" slider on a clippings-based flashcard deck will now jump to the specific allowed intervals.
  • When romaji is enabled, the underline on example sentences now appears below the romaji instead of between the Japanese text and the romaji.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix vertical centering of text in popover when tapping a word in a clipping or photo, when running iOS 14.
  • Fix issue where the bottom of romaji was getting cutoff on example sentences.
  • Fix issue where app after changing lanugage or restoring data, app would switch to the dictionary tab.
  • Fix an issue where restoring older Nihongo data, that requires a database update, could fail.
  • Fix issue where displaying photos on the back of a flashcard on an iPad in landscape mode would not respect the selected crop.
  • Fix an issue where under certain circumstances elements on the backside of a flashcard would not appear.
  • Fix an issue where photos on the back of a flashcard would animate to the proper crop while the card was being flipped, instead of just appearing properly cropped from the beginning.
  • Fix issue where the bottom of a word entry would be cutoff when it is reached by tapping on a word in a clipping, after dismissing the navigation chrome by scrolling down the clipping.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring a data backup when the dictionary language was set to something other than English could cause the data to not load until an app restart.
  • Fixed an issue where the last flashcard in a review session would never be a repeat of a card previously marked wrong.
  • Fix issue where the popover on clippings was misplaced when romaji was enabled.
  • Fix issue where status bar was appearing black on iPad on iOS 13 while clippings tutorial is being displayed.
  • Fix an issue where the final piece of text on a webpage would be ignored by the Safari Extension.


  • iOS 13.0 and 13.1 are no longer supported with this release.
  • Old Nihongo backup data using the .nihongodb format can no longer be restored directly in the app. If you need to restore data in this format, please email