Nihongo 1.21 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Cloud Syncing - Your flashcards, clippings, photos, and more will now be synced automatically to all your devices via iCloud.
  • Family Sharing - Nihongo Pro subscriptions can now be shared with up to five family members via Family Sharing.

Other Improvements

  • Release notes no longer pop up on launch, but instead can be reached from the settings tab.
  • Version history has been added in-app, containing a history of all the features added to Nihongo.
  • Automatically fall back to backup OCR servers if primary servers are unavailable, when using for photo lookup.
  • Added confirmation before restoring backup data and deleting the Nihongo data on your device.

Bug Fixes

  • On iPad, selected section of settings will now stay highlighted while that section is open.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling a clipping being displayed via "contained in clipping" on a dictionary entry displayed in a popover over a flashcard on iPad would cause the popover to be dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not have a flashcard with only a note on the back.
  • Fixed an issue where after changing languages, no senses were showing up on flashcards that had had their backside modified.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong word meaning was being displayed in dictionary search results when a search matched multiple meanings.
  • Fixed an issue where when restoring from a backup, the current photo files would not be deleted from the device, wasting disk space.
  • Fixed an issue where kanji stroke order drawings sometimes had the wrong stroke thickness on iPad.
  • Fixed an issue where certain multibyte kanji characters, such as 𠮟, would appear garbled in certain parts of the app.
  • Fixed pronunciation of 数分 and 交通.
  • When viewing the clipping tutorial with romaji enabled, the screenshot explaining to tap on a word to view its definition did not actually contain the popover with the definition.


  • 1.21.x will be the last series of releases to support iOS 13.