Nihongo 1.22 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Larger Text & Dynamic Type - Default font sizes throughout the app have been increased, and your iOS text size setting will now be respected throughout the app.
  • Auto Clipboard Search - Automatically search for Japanese text copied to the clipboard from another app, or from a nearby device signed into the same iCloud account. Enable in search settings.

Other Improvements

  • Dictionary search results, kanji word lists, and flashcard deck word lists that don't fit comfortably on a single line will now flow onto two lines instead of shrinking. They will also now be separated by a thin line to make it easier to distinguish between rows.
  • When reviewing flashcards in landscape on iPad, photos are now displayed to the side of the text on the back of a flashcard, giving much more room for both.
  • Commonality marks have been added to the search results when adding words directly to a flashcard deck from the deck details screen.
  • Added a confirmation dialog before clearing recent searches, and before clearing the text in a clipping.
  • "View Conjugations" text will now disappear to make room for long lists of parts of speech on word entries.
  • Non-enhanced text-to-speech voices are now selectable when running Nihongo on an M1 Mac.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where there was no scrollbar on clippings when viewed in dark mode.
  • Fix kanji deck header text overflowing in Russian on smaller screens.
  • Fix an issue where the camera button would sometimes not appear next to the search field.
  • Sample clipping author name and attribution will now be laid out correctly at larger font sizes.
  • Font size of word search on the deck details screen now matches the font size of words already in the deck.
  • Fixed pronunciation of 定食.
  • Allow "X CARDS LEFT" text on flashcard decks to flow onto multiple lines, instead of shrinking.
  • Fix a crash when you deselect all cards and then hit "Share" on the screen where you review cards with notes and photos on them before sharing a deck.
  • Fix an issue where deck export could fail if the deck name is longer than 255 characters.
  • If a sense is not listed as transitive/intransitive, but was next to a transitive/intransitive sense, it was being grouped in with those instead of being displayed as intransitive AND transitive. This has been fixed.
  • If a sense is listed as not having any displayable parts of speech, instead of "Only as <blank>",  we will simply no longer display the parts of speech qualifier.
  • Fix the "X CARDS" header on the deck details screen not capitalizing properly and getting cutoff.
  • Fix an issue where when the interface is dimmed to display a popover, the tab bar icons would gray out, but the text below them would not.
  • Fix an issue where example sentences were being displayed without English text.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating from a long word to another word entry would cause the navigation bar buttons to shrink and disappear on the destination word entry.
  • Fix kanji flashcard deck menu layout in Chinese.
  • Fix low contrast on purchase screen on iOS 14 in dark mode.
  • Fix an issue where the prompt asking you whether you'd like to display romaji would appear multiple times for some users.