Nihongo 1.24.1 Release Notes


  • Improve layout of subscription status screen at larger dynamic type sizes.
  • Expand the hit area for tapping on the existing photo count to view existing photos, when the "Attach Photo" button is visible on a word entry.
  • Reduce "rebases" during sync, which should make the slower syncs less frequent.
  • Improved conflict resolution behavior when syncing between devices.
  • Tweaks and improvements to some text in Dutch and Russian.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash when the OCR service gives us back an invalid bounding box for a a word.
  • Fixed an issue where the explanation text for the Safari extension was cutoff in Russian.
  • Fix a crash when studying using practice mode on a kanji deck, removing a card from the deck via the edit flashcard screen, and then swiping back to undo the card being removed.
  • Fix a potential crash when switching from regular to compact mode on iPad, while viewing a popover of the definition from the flashcard screen.
  • Fixed a rare crash when dismissing an OCR view.
  • Fixed a crash when certain unusual characters were present in a clipping.
  • Fix an issue where switching between two kanji drawing flashcards could cause the "Guide Me" button to erroneously display and then fade back out.
  • Fix a crash when moving onto the next flashcard in the middle of the fading out to red animation of an incorrect kanji stroke, during the "check stroke order" animation.
  • Fix an issue where there was an incorrect animation when tapping on words to view their definition from the safari extension while in multitasking mode on iPad.
  • Fix an issue where some alerts would cause the status bar color to change to white when it should be black.
  • Fix an issue where rotating from landscape to portrait on an iPad while in the "set crop" mode on a photo would cause the crop area to be misplaced.
  • Fix an issue where when dismissing the photo gallery back into a popover, the transition animation would put the image destination at the wrong location.
  • Fix issue where attaching a photo to a word that already had a photo, then deleting it, then dismissing the photo gallery would cause an incorrect animation to occur.
  • Fix issue where Nihongo files that were not already downloaded could not be opened directly from the Files app.