Nihongo 1.24 Release Notes

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Major Updates

  • More Pitch Accents - Pitch accents on over 35,000 additional words.

Other Improvements

  • Dutch language support has been added. You can now view definitions in Dutch, and if your device language is set to Dutch, the app will be displayed in that language.
  • Double-tapping on a photo will now zoom in/out.
  • You can now disable the blue text in the photo lookup (OCR) feature, and still tap on words to look them up.
  • Pinching to zoom in on a photo will now cause the window chrome to be dismissed automatically.
  • Increased the max zoom level on photos from 4x to 6x.
  • Added a button to Flashcard settings to reset all flashcard progress.
  • Added a setting to Flashcard settings to change the number of cards per learning session from the default value of 10.
  • New animation in the "Check Stroke Order" animation for incorrect strokes.
  • Over 400 new words, and 6000 new example sentences have been added to the dictionary.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the app to be prematurely terminated in the background.
  • Fixed an issue where the distance you could be off and still have a kanji stroke marked "correct" was changing depending on the size of your device.
  • Use better screenshots in the first-run tutorial for French and Russian.
  • Text in the Tutorials section of settings will now flow onto multiple lines instead of being cutoff when viewed at large text sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where locking your device while on a word entry accessed from the photo lookup view would cause the navigation bar to turn white.
  • Fixed an issue where recent changes to flashcards could be lost when locking your device.
  • Fix issue where opening the app by a URL would not work properly when the app was not already launched in the background.