Nihongo 1.25 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • iPad Quick Notes - Add notes to dictionary entries, clippings, and flashcard decks, that will be synced with the Notes app. Requires iPad OS 15.

Other Improvements

  • Over 800 new words, and 3000 new example sentences have been added to the dictionary.
  • Taking a screenshot on a dictionary entry will now give you a "Full Page" option  to get a screenshot of the entire dictionary entry in one image, not just the currently visible part.
  • You can now drag-and-drop an image onto the Nihongo app to have it automatically perform OCR on the image.
  • New search screen styling when running on iOS 15.
  • Tab bars and toolbars will now be borderless when there is no content behind them, on iOS 15.
  • Status bar will now be visible on iPad during flashcard sessions.
  • Safari Extension has been renamed to Safari Integration, to avoid confusion with the new safari extensions available in iOS 15.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where (RARE) would appear in incorrect font on kanji entry page after locking and unlocking screen.
  • Fixed an issue where 喫煙室 was mistranslated in French.
  • Fixed an issue where さくら was mistranslated in French.
  • Fixed an issue where the safari integration tutorial could show a pop tip on top of a share sheet.
  • Fix romanization of ヂェ、ディ、デュ、デェ.
  • Fixed an issue where the safari integration prompt was cutoff on iPhone SE in Russian.
  • In-app purchases are now properly localized on the App Store in Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Dutch.