Nihongo 1.27 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Search As You Type - Search results will now appear as you type instead of waiting for you to hit "search".

Other Improvements

  • 1802 new word entries added, and 2174 new example sentences added.
  • Introduced a new purchase screen for Nihongo Pro, including a single list of all the features of Nihongo and whether or not they require Nihongo Pro.
  • Clippings on iPad now use the same word lookup popover as iPhone. If you don't like this new behavior let me know, and I'll consider adding a setting to re-enabled the old behavior.
  • Make the underline on clippings text thinner and further from the text.
  • Removed blank and duplicate searches from recent searches list.
  • Add full page screenshot support to example sentences screen, clippings screen, and conjugation table.
  • Flashcard audio enabled state will no longer sync between devices.
  • Added a link to Nihongo's Instagram page to the settings screen.
  • Added a link to Nihongo Pro's terms of use to the settings screen.
  • Tapping on a disabled speech button will now explain that audio is part of Nihongo Pro, rather than just sending you to the purchase screen.
  • When you do not have the system email app configured on your device, anywhere we used to pop up a mail compose screen will now list the email address to email instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where certain labels in Russian and Chinese would shrink when you left the app and returned to it.
  • Fix an issue when a word had different pitch accents when used as different parts of speech, where in some cases we wouldn't use the pitch accent for the most common part of speech.
  • Fix an issue where some words that have a different pitch accent when used as a name were using the name version of the pitch accent.
  • Added pitch accents to words that were previously omitted because they did not have a matching part of speech in the dataset, but had multiple pitch accents listed.
  • Fix issue where pitch accents for proper nouns were being applied to pronouns. Should fix pitch accents for any pronouns that were homonyms with a proper nouns, if there were any.
  • Fix an issue where furigana for example sentences with tatoeba indexes with readings that don't exist in JMdict would look messed up.
  • Add mention of swiping right to undo onto "mark yourself" tutorial screen.
  • Fixed an issue where clippings could become unresponsive to touch on iPad after navigating to a word entry and then returning to clipping.
  • Fixed an issue where if you tap quickly you can attach multiple photos at once, leading to unexpected results.
  • Cleanup cards on startup that are pending but have progress out of the pending card range.
  • Fix an issue where "Done" button would turn to "Edit" button while still in edit mode after deleting a flashcard from the deck details screen.
  • Fix issue where locking and unlocking device would trigger clipboard contents to be searched again, when automatic clipboard search is enabled.