Nihongo 1.28 Release Notes

Major Updates

  • Handwriting Search - Search for kanji by drawing them with your finger.

Other Improvements

  • 1005 new word entries, 1754 new example sentences, and many more updates to existing word entries and example sentences.
  • Once we reach the last bucket of kana search results, don't prioritize hiragana results over katakana results.
  • Added back the full-size dictionary entry popovers on iPad as an option available from the formatting menu.
  • Delete Deck button will now always be visible on the deck details screen, instead of having to tap "Edit" for it to appear.
  • Non-English users will now be alerted when they import a flashcard deck containing words that have been removed from the dictionary (this already occurred in English).
  • Flashcards can now be swiped during the flip animation.
  • Rename "remove from deck" to "remove from review" during review mode, where selecting that option will reset the word to unknown.
  • Increased vertical size of quick suggestions toolbar for radical keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where rotating the radical keyboard on iPad would leave a big blank space below the keyboard.
  • Fix the issue where search as you type didn't work properly with the Chinese handwriting keyboard.
  • Fix issue where searching using a Japanese keyboard when running the app on an M1 mac was broken.
  • Update feedback email signature when coming from a Mac.
  • Remove "pour"  from front of translations of "to X" in French.
  • Fix an issue where the tab bar could end up missing if you dismiss the photo lookup screen while zooming in/out.
  • Fix issue where "mark known" and "remove" prompts from the triage screen had non-standard appearance on iPad.
  • Fix issue where insertion point would appear below keyboard on clipping edit screen.
  • Fix an issue where you could get an "unable to add photo" error when loading an image from "files".
  • Fix an issue where the clipping text editor could erroneously use a Chinese font.
  • Fixed various words that were pronounced incorrectly.
  • Improve behavior for re-downloading human audio when it is deleted from the cache due to the device running out of disk space.
  • Fixed the parsing of the tara form of an i-adjective.
  • Fixed the parsing of the the tari form.
  • Fix a crash when trying to load a corrupted image file.
  • Fix an issue where the set level menu on kanji flash card says “never” instead of “never review”
  • Fixed an issue where the M1 Mac version referring to itself as iPad in sync dialogs, etc.
  • Fix issue where opening a clipping link when app is not open already is not creating clipping.
  • Fix issue where after viewing one of the keyboard tutorials, there would be a blank space above the keyboard where the tutorial banner was.
  • Fix an issue where a single pixel line was visible at the bottom of the flashcard screen.
  • Fix an issue where the auto clipboard search feature was not working when running on an M1 mac.
  • Fix issue where radical keyboard would display underneath the home indicator.
  • Fixed an issue where the 謹 kanji page contained a broken character.